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The Tale of the Pink Bunny

Erlan is a student who left his family in the province and went to study in a big city. He arrived to the new city, full of temptations, in search of the big success and happiness like most young men do. The truth is that most young men of the today’s society define happiness as a person’s material and financial accomplishment and success. Though, everything that has to do with the high moral values and ideals begins to be mistreated and ignored by the social order.

Erlan is blinded by the temptations of the city, the rich life that most young men of his age are enjoying. He finds new friends. The so called “golden youth.” These kids come out of the very rich and influential families, unlike him. The more time Erlan spends with these people, the more his personality is changed and reformed by the artificial pathos and an illusion of the real happiness.

He betrays his moral values and makes a very specific deal with his new rich friend, Loko. The deal between two young men promises Erlan a ton of money for a pretty simple job. His job is to find a guy, who would get paid for going to a jail for someone else….

Genre: Narrative
Running Time: 90 min.
Director: Farkhat Sharipov
Language: Russian with English subtitles
Writer: Farkhat Sharipov
Producer: Serik Zhubandykov
Musical Score: Alexei Foifanov, Timur Kushekov

Mon - Aug 6, 2012 - 7:30pm

This film screens with We Will See Tomorrow

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