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Letters to an Angel

An independent single woman comes back home late at night accompanied by a man she met, who turns out to be the Writer. They spend a night together in her apartment. They both are infatuated and enchanted by each other. The Writer tells beautiful and romantic love fables, and the heroine, in return, tells him about her love sufferings and passionate love to two young men. The love story ends tragically - the heroine looses both men over one night.

However the film ends unexpectedly, raising the question for the audience whether the Heroine’s story is Writer's fiction? Did such woman really exist? Or is she just a fiction of a Literary man?

Genre: Narrative
Running Time: 92 min.
Director: Ermek Shinarbayev
Writers: Ermek Shinarbayev, Marina Bartinova-Rodkevich-Karpova, Ben Hopkins
Producer: Gulnara Sarsenova
Cinematography: Alexey Arsentiev
Art Direction: Tatyana Shkolnik,
Costum e Design: Asel Nakupova
Original Music: Aktoty Raimkulova
Sound Mixer: Gulsara Mukataeva
Editors: Claud Reznik, Roberto Silvi

Sat - Aug 4, 2012 - 7:30pm

This film screens with A Country that has Chosen Life

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