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The year of 2028. Seishen Planet. A recluse gold-digger arrives in Sinedrion City in pursuit of a job. After passing the boundary check-point, cleanup chamber the wanderer finds herself in a city where the election of the Supreme Judge is taking place. In the bar the hermit meets a stranger who offered to purchase the gold-digger’s name for a lot of money.

Genre: Narrative
Running Time: 24 min.
Director: Artyom Gantsev
Language: Russian with English Subtitles
Writer: Artyom Gantsev
Producer: Ermek Amanshaev
Co-producers: Marco Augello, Dmitry Karabetskiy
Artistic Director: Asset Mussabekov
Costume Designer: Yelena Rubanova
Makeup and Hair: Anastasia Nechaeva

Marina Gantseva – Golddigger
Irina Lebsak – Unknown woman
Nina Zhmerenetskaya – Judge Gloss

Tue - Aug 7, 2012 - 7:30pm

This film screens with The Dash

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